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Work and Recovery, by Emmett Hines — It's not what you do in the water that controls the efficacy of your workouts.

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A Fitness Ruse to Avoid, by Coach Emmett Hines — Should someone do a lot of swimming on his own in order to "get fit" prior to joining a swim workout group or otherwise working with a coach? Good question. Read this for a good answer.

Alchemy of Transformation, by Coach Emmett Hines — Another suggestion for changing newfound skills into ingrained habits.

A Reason to Swim, by Edwige Fortier — A touching letter sent to her coach shortly after losing her father to cancer.

Assume The Position, by Coach Emmett Hines — Details the quickest way to add free speed to your swimming. Anyone can do it, starting immediately.

Be Part of Your Personal Coaching Team by Coach Emmett Hines — Coach Hines explores ways his swimmers are expected to take an active role in their own coaching.

Better Kicking, by Coach Emmett Hines — Originally a response to a Swim Magazine coaches poll asking how to improve kicking speed, this short article offers some ideas about moving faster through the water when your arms aren't involved.

Bottom Up Swimming, by Coach Emmett Hines — This 3-part series explores the proper use of your legs to initiate core body rotation, and how to transition from fundamental drilling to high speed swimming while keeping your strokes connected to your core rotations:

Part 1: Let Your Legs Drive Your Long Axis Strokes — Shows how to find your most effective core rotational muscles and get them connected to your strokes.

Part 2: Your Swimming Machine — Uses your car's drive train as a model for your swimming drive train.

Part 3: The Spin Doctor's Prescription — Explains how to rev up your swimming machine's engine and shift into high gear.

Breathe How Often? by Coach Emmett Hines — Coach’s thoughts on how often you should breathe while swimming.

Bubble Leech Extinction, by Coach Emmett Hines — Help stamp out this vermine common to chlorinated water environments. Read this article to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of infestation so you can be part of the solution.

Cigarette Break? by Coach Emmett Hines — A non-conformist perspective on the efficacy of simply working harder in the face of fatigue.

Claim Your Lollipop, by Coach Emmett Hines — How tall can you stretch yourself out to be on land and how do you do it? Do you swim that tall or do you swim schlumpy instead?

Critical Mass in the Twilight Zone, by Coach Emmett Hines — A whole different way to think of balance, body line and posture in swimming. If you think Pilates and similar methodologies are good stuff (or even if you don't) check this out.

Dancin' With Yourself, by Coach Emmett Hines — Concepts and land exercises that will help you use your two-beat kick to properly drive core rotations.

Dividends, Guts & Grease, by Coach Emmett Hines — Explores the Coach/Swimmer relationship and gives valuable hints about how to get more out of that relationship.

Don't be a Grup, by Coach Emmett Hines — Take a cue from kids and do something other than "just swim" when you go to the swimming' hole.

Elite-Level Fish-Like Swimming, by Swimmer Agnes Godfrey — Notes of an elite-level swimmer’s road to success.

Fiber Aquatics, by Henry Mecredy — Explains a neat phenomenon you may have experienced in the pool but not really understood.

Free Fish and Struggling Butterflies, by Coach Emmett Hines — Learning new skills is not always easy, not always direct, not always comfortable. Get used to it.

Get a (better) Grip!, by Coach Emmett Hines — This series of 6 articles explores a much misunderstood aspect of swimming - what it means to have a grip on the water (aka "feel for the water") and how one might go about improving same. Offers a progression of drills toward that end.

Part I (Introduction) - Explains what "feel" and "grip" are and defines some terms that are used throughout the series.

Part II (Don't get sucked in) - Foundational concepts and some drills done in shallow water.

Part III (Alice Through the Looking Glass) - Propulsion drills with 2 arms.

Part IV (The Alice Variations) - Propulsion drills with alternating arms.

Part V (This Ain't Your Father's 'S' Shaped Stroke) - Full-stroke swimming.

Addendum (Other Drills) - Additional drills to develop your grip on the water.

Goggles of the Future, by Coach Emmett Hines — Coach’s crystal ball shows what goggles might mean to us in the near—or maybe distant—future.

Go Postal, by Rob Rollins — Rob describes the surprising results of his experimentation with various stroke counts during the One Hour Swim—how he went faster with less effort. With added comments from Coach Emmett Hines

H2O Standard PeRP Sets, by Coach Emmett Hines — Explains exactly how we implement the “PeRP” set concept in the H2Ouston Swims program, including how we establish initial PeRPs, how we swim and “score” each repeat, how we record practice performance information and, finally, how swimmers can see improvements over time.

“Head” Coaches Wanted, by Coach Rob Rollins — The initiation rites of the Secret Stroke Society as administered (under the guise of cutting edge stroke instruction) by a technique enthusiast.

Hops, Whirlpools, Shoulder Thangs and Stretches, by Coach Emmett Hines — Use these tried and true activities to improve skills and prevent shoulder injury. Updated to Include video of each of the exercises.

Houdini Swimming, by Coach Emmett Hines — This short piece draws an interesting parallel between great magicians and great swimmers.

In Search of the Dreaded Dropped Elbow, by Coach Emmett Hines — Stalking and killing this loathsome but common creature is easier than you may think.

It's A Matter of Style, by Coach Emmett Hines — Food for thought when trying to determine whether 'tis nobler to flip thy turns or not.

Keeping Track, by Coach Emmett Hines - A tool to move you off the frustrating “learning rollercoaster” and onto the much more satisfying “learning curve.”

Keeping Your Perfect Goggles Perfect, by Coach Emmett Hines — Helpful hints on lengthening the useful life of your goggles.

Leaders and Lemmings, by Coach Emmett HinesSynchronized swimming for “real” swimmers can help make serious breakthroughs to stroke technique.

Mo Bettah Goggles, by Coach Emmett Hines — Helpful hints on selecting the goggles just right for you.

Moving Mountains, by Coach Emmett Hines — A few training thoughts inspired by a Grand Canyon sunset.

New Year’s Day Swim—The Aftermath, by Rob Rollins — Sent to his coach the day after the H2O 1999 New Year’s Day Swim. Rob talks about how he avoided practicing bad technique for 9900 yards—and the surprising results.

Of Air and Gravity, by Coach Emmett Hines — Learn why your hips and legs are lower in the water than your head and shoulders, why this is a no-no and how to solve the problem without wasting precious energy “kicking” them to the surface. Are you a pull-buoy addict? Start your rehab here!

On Becoming an Orchestra Coach, by Swimmer Penny Meitz — How she applies her experiences as a relative newbie in our program to her “real life” job.

Passing the Oafs, by Coach Emmett Hines — More detail about how to capitalize on your pushoffs than you will ever really want to know.

Pilates and Swimming, by Andrew Bruce — An H2O swimmer has some insightful feedback after following Coach's suggestion that, in his search for aquatic nirvana, he eschew weight training in favor of Pilates.

Postman Cometh, The; by Coach Emmett Hines — I have a theory: great natural athletes are Lazy. For success in swimming you should aspire to the same ideal.

Question of Balance, A; by Coach Emmett Hines — An exploration of true meaning of “balance” in the water and the dire consequences of not having this essential skill firmly seated at the core of your swimming habits.

Questionable Stroke Counting, by Coach Emmett Hines — Answering the oft-asked question of WHY one might choose to swim at stroke counts lower than one would use in competitions.

Resistance and Submission, by Emmett Hines — Various techniques to combat (or, more accurately, avoid) the unrelenting forces of Nature.

Rowdyness and Ignominy, by Coach Emmett Hines — Some specific drills and activities to help you leave the oafs behind on turns (as well as another pool toy you can add to your bag of aquatic tricks).

Rookie Mistakes, by Coach Emmett Hines - A compendium of helpful hints for newbies to (and needed reminders to veterans of) the group workout environment.

Seeding Policy Woes, by Henry Mecredy — An insightful discussion addressing seeding methods used in Masters swimming.

Slim & Darrel, by Coach Emmett Hines — There are reasons why your flip turns are not yielding the same results that the Olympians are getting from theirs. Slim and Darrel are ready to show you a better way!

Slip-Slid’n’ Away, by Coach Emmett Hines — An explanation of Short Axis Pulse (SAP), the fundamental movement of excellent breaststroke and excellent butterfly, and the primary skill drill that developes the ability to execute this motion with efficiency and flow.

Splash and the XXLg Jockstrap, by Coach Emmett Hines — A few comments on turnover rate vs. DPS as it relates to one notable swimmer in the author’s observational experience.

Steppin' Out, by Coach Emmett Hines — Thoughts on how to make huge improvements in your swimming (or any other aspect of your life) over time.

A Stroke In Time, by Coach Emmett Hines — Explores the relationship between tempo and distance per stroke and how to use a beeper to learn how to better manage the inherent trade-offs between the two.

Sucking Wind, by Coach Emmett Hines — You need a training snorkel. Here's why you need one, how to get started with it and just a few of the many things you can learn with a snorkel (but that you will likely never learn without one).

Surfing Monkeys in a Parallel Universe, by Coach Emmett Hines — Shows how lots of swimmers make their workouts (not to mention their races) tougher than necessary, toward no good end.

Swimming—It’s Not Just Conditioning Anymore, by Chantal Pease — How swimming helped speed her recovery from cancer surgery.

Swimming in Circles, by Coach Emmett Hines — Explains the why’s and how’s of front quadrant swimming for more efficient freestyle.

Swimming Into The Future, by Coach Emmett Hines — The author stretches the limit of imagination with regard to information technology, athletic competition and a possible replacement for your leaky goggles.

Swimming the Straight and Narrow, by Coach Emmett Hines — A simple strategy for swimming straighter without looking for the stupid buoys so often.

T'ai Chi Swimming by Coach Emmett Hines — Slowing down in order to learn what it takes to go faster.

Total Immersion Article List — This link takes you to the Total Immersion web site where there are oodles of great articles posted.

Training the Right Stuff, by Coach Emmett Hines — Introduces the concept of Personal Reference Performance (PeRP) sets that help the swimmer stay focused on making the right choices in the constant trade-off of stroke length vs stroke rate as fatigue sets in.

Tricks of Mother Nature, by Coach Emmett Hines — Pound for pound, the most effective training/technique aids in your swim bag are probably the most under-utilized (if you even have them at all).

Vive le Papillon! by Coach Emmett Hines — A simple but effective way to extend your range for meaningful butterfly way past the first length. Use the enclosed method and strategy to avoid doing ButterStruggle while easily training for ButterFly of almost any distance.

Waiting to Inhale, by Coach Emmett Hines — Explains the most common error in breathing (I nearly guarantee YOU do it) and how to correct the problem.

We’re All Grasshoppers on This Bus, by Coach Emmett Hines — Compares and contrasts the states of the arts of swim coaching and martial arts coaching. Swim coaching has got a LONG way to go to catch up.

What Floats Yer Boat? by Coach Emmett HinesExercises that will teach you how to find your most effective posture, line and balance for minimum-resistance swimming.

What Quickens Thine Heart? by Coach Emmett Hines — A few thoughts about using heart rates in your training as you search for easier speed.

What’s Under Funk & Wagnall’s Porch? by Coach Emmett Hines — Introspection on the evolution of the author’s coaching philosophy.

Wherefore Art Thou Kicking? by Coach Emmett Hines — There are three (3) common uses of kicking in swimming — not all of equal value. Why are you kicking?

Whose Side are You On, Anyway?, by Emmett Hines — Admonitions and rationalizations about git'n' off yer stomach for faster swimming.

Work and Recovery, by Emmett Hines — It's not what you do in the water that controls the efficacy of your workouts.

"Yer Middle Name Ain't 'Gumby'" by Coach Emmett Hines — Exploring some of the factors that might make you rethink the placement of your arms as they enter the water and extend out in front of you in freestyle.

You Own Your Attitude, by Coach Emmett Hines — Coach’s pithy comments on your view of the world and why sunglasses are a must on even the cloudiest days.

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