H2O SLSSSwimming 'Splained

SLSSSwimming = Super Low and Slow Stealth Swimming = super-low stroke count, super slow stroke tempo, stealthy swimming.

The objectives are to swim at a super-low stroke count (the lowest stroke count you can go and still be swimming instead of drilling), to use super-slow movement through each stroke cycle (think: slo-mo button on your video camera), to make as little noise as possible, and to disturb the surface as little as possible.

SLSSSwimming helps to expose the gaps in your posture, balance, and motion skills. If you are unable to maintain perfect balance and coordination while taking full strokes at very slow tempos, then you need to work to bridge those gaps. Slower tempos expose precisely where the gaps are. If you feel the need to hurry up during any part of the stroke, you are either losing balance or are simply glossing past a portion of the stroke in which posture, balance, and/ or position are iffy. Noise, chop, and wake signal that you are losing precious kinetic energy to the water.

For more on this see the T'ai Chi Swimming article.

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