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Currently, we are not running workouts.

Stay tuned for updates.

Pool: We swim at the University of Houston Melcher Pool. It is an indoor competition 25 yard, 6-lane pool with anti-wave lane markers, multiple pace clocks, starting blocks and a separate diving well. This pool is kept consistently in the 80-83 range throughout the year.

Locker Rooms: The lockerrooms are nuthin' to brag about. Bring your own soap, shampoo, towel, hair drier.  Lockerrooms are also available to students (and the occasional street urchin who can open any of those lockers with a screwdriver faster than you could using a key or combination) during our workouts so please do not leave your stuff in the lockerrooms during workouts – bring your stuff out to the pool deck. If you use a lock and leave it overnight, it is subject to being cut off without warning.

Location: University of Houston Melcher Natatorium is located in the Garrison/Melcher Gymnasium complex at 3855 Holman (between Cullen and Scott) on the UH main campus, right next door to Hofheinz Pavilion and across the street from Robertson Stadium (GoogleMap:

Directions: Take I45 south from Hwy 59 (or north from South Loop 610) to the Cullen exit. Turn southwest to go through the UH main entrance (between halves of the large "split obelisk" adorning the entrance drive). Go through the light at Elgin. Turn right at the next light at Holman (Hofheinz Pavilion sits on this corner). Turn right into parking lot 15-C and park close to the building in the center of the lot.

Parking: We park in lot 15-C directly in front of the pool. This is a faculty/staff lot that usually requires a special permit during the day, but as long as you exit the lot by 7:30am on weekdays, parking tickets are not an issue. If your car remains there beyond that time you are at some small risk of getting a ticket. If all that gives you pause, park on the street at one of the meters. Though we've never had a problem with break-ins the surrounding neighborhood sends forth the occasional urchin to wander the parking lots in search of easy pickin's so it is always a wise idea to keep valuable items (and things that look like they might contain valuable items) out of sight.

Download a PDF file showing UH parking and building entrance detail here.

Building Entrance: We enter the building through the doors near the right-hand end of the red awning. We open the building and lockerrooms a minute or so before the scheduled practice start time. There is a free-form warmup period and then start the first organized activity 15 minutes after the scheduled practice start time.

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