To Establish a H2Ouston Swims Forum Account


  1. Go to the H2O Forums section of the H2O web site and click on Edit Profile under Utilities.

  2. In the Profile Editor screen choose Instant Registration.

  3. In the Instant Registration screen be sure all the topics are checked, then enter your desired User Name, your real name and your e-mail address. You'll be given a temporary password for forum access (write it down) but you'll want to change it to something more personal ASAP.

  4. Now you have an H2O Forum account.

  5. Click on Edit Profile again.

  6. This time use your newly created user name and the temporary password you just wrote down to log in to the Profile Editor.

  7. Click on Change Password and follow the instructions to change your password to something you will remember.

  8. Be sure to click Save.

While you are in the Profile editor you can sign up for E-Mail Notification now (or you can do it at a later time):

  1. Scroll up to the E-mail Notification section.

  2. In the E-Mail Notification section be sure at the very least you have the “System Announcements,” “Breaking News” and “Social Gatherings” items checked. Better: Include “Upcoming Events” and “Ask the Coach.” Best: Check all the topics.

  3. Be sure to click “Save” when you have checked the topics of interest.

Now, whenever a new item is posted to any of the topics you checked you’ll immediately be sent a copy of the post via e-mail!

Feel free to explore and experiment with the other Profile options available to you. Don’t worry, you can’t break it!


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