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Annual Fees

These registrations are calandar annual, each renewed on or before January 1st for the following year. Alas, there is no proration for those joining later in the year - but if you join November 1st or later, your registrations will be good through the following year (moral: Don't sign up on October 31st unless you are feeling really generous).

  • USMS Registration All that participate beyond the Try-us-Out period must be USMS registered ($40 annual fee and a signed liability waiver). You can complete your USMS registration online here (be sure to print out an extra copy of your USMS card to bring to us for our files).

  • H2Ouston Swims Registration All that wish to participate by paying the flat Monthly fee (see below) and all that wish to participate by Pink Punchcard (see below) must be H2O registered ($63 annual fee and another signed liability waiver). You can download a H2Ouston Swims annual registration form here – then fill it out and bring it to the pool, and hand it to Coach.

    Those wishing to pay by the visit using a Yellow Punchcard (see below) do need to be USMS registered but do not need to be H2O registered.

Annual registrations provide all the insurance for our program. If we have just one person in the water who is unregistered (excluding those in the tryout period) our insurance is not in effect. Keeping this insurance in effect at all times we are in the facility is very important to me - and should be to you as well - because failure to do so could get us booted out in a heartbeat.

H2O Membership Types

  • Monthly Persons who pay a flat fee to attend any or all scheduled workouts in a month. Annual H2O registration fee required.

  • Pink Punchcard Participate by way of a punchcard that costs about $8 per practice - usually people who expect to visit us fewer than twice per week, on average. Annual H2O registration fee required.

  • Yellow Punchcard Participate by way of a punchcard that costs $10 per practice - usually out-of-towners or local people who expect to practice with us us fewer than 32 practices in a year. Annual H2O registration fee not necessary.

  • Supporter A person who sends in their money for annual registration but has not taken advantage of the program. We love you but would love you even more if you came swimming with us (or at least come to the some of the social gatherings)!

  • Inactive Those who have not renewed their H2O registration for the current year will be considered to have fallen off the face of the Earth - though prodigal swimmers will always be cheerfully welcomed back to the group.

Billing/Payment Methods

  • Credit Card Your H2O account is automatically charged each month to your credit card according to a Credit Card Agreement you sign. Monthly members save $6 per month with this plan. (See the Credit Card Agreement section).

  • Snail-Mail A paper statement/invoice of your H2O account is mailed to you each month you have a non-zero balance. Balance due upon receipt.

  • Corporate H2O Annual Registration Fees and 6 or 12 months of Monthly membership fees paid in advance by check. Though this option is intended to meet the needs of employers paying their employees fees, this option is also available for individual members. Annual H2O registration fees are $63. 6-month Corporate memberships are $66/month ($396) and 12-month Corporate Memberships are $66/month ($792).

H2O Credit Card Agreement

When you signed up to be a member of H2Ouston Swims, or at some later date, you may have signed a Credit Card Agreement (CCA). Here is the fine print you agreed to and no longer have a hard copy of:

General: By signing the H2O CCA you are agreeing to have your monthly or punchcard fees as well as any other items that are posted to your account (annual H2O fees, entry fees, purchases etc) charged to your credit card. Sign-up fees are charged to your credit card immediately upon submission of your sign-up form. After that, on or about the first of each month, amounts accumulated during the billing cycle will be automatically submitted to the credit card company.

Rolling Membership Status: Your membership status - Punchcard or Monthly - will remain the same from one month to the next with fees posted to your account and billed to your credit card accordingly. You must notify us before the beginning of the month for any intended change in your membership or billing status, by sending us a note by US Mail, or by email or by calling the office. You will be sent confirmation via email of such changes. If you do not receive confirmation within 72 hours, contact the H2O office. Such changes will be effective as of the beginning of the next billing cycle. Status changes requested AFTER charges have been processed (generally the first of the month) may be accepted under some circumstances but will incur a $10 processing fee.

Statements: Swimmers on credit card billing do not receive H2O account statements but may request a current statement at any time at no cost.

Credit card changes and cancellations: It is your responsibility to keep your credit card information updated with our office. If you cancel your credit card, get a new card number or wish to change cards you must let us know before the first day of the month.

Termination of the CCA: Either you or H2Ouston Swims may terminate the CCA at any time by notification in writing, by email or by phoning the office. In this case any balance on your account will be due and payable according to our Snail-Mail billing system.

Limitations of Membership

Membership in the H2O program and payment of monthly or punchcard fees entitles access to the pool and locker rooms only for our scheduled workouts. They do not allow access to facility at times other than our scheduled workouts.

When you pay the flat Monthly fee you are paying for the opportunity to participate in the program. Whether you actually participate, or simply hear the alarm clock, groan, turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep, well...that's up to you. But don't come crying for your money back if you keep losing your battle with the Demon Of The Dawn. Monthly fees are non-refundable.

Punchcards are good for one year, or till all punches are used up, whichever comes first. However, to use a punchcard your registration(s) must be current. So if you buy a punchcard in September and still have punches left come year end, you'll need to re-up your registration(s) to get value from the remaining punches. Punchcard fees are non-refundable.

This agreement may be modified at any time. Changes to this agreement will be posted here on the site at least 30 days prior to taking effect.


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