Underflip Turn

A semi-self-explanatory video clip about open turns and the "silly reverse somersault things" (what I call "underflips"). This vid will help to get your mind right ahead of time. In the slow-motion footage of the underflips he does from the static float position, here are the things to watch for:

  • See how aggressively he draws his knees up toward his chest.
  • His toes are pointed.
  • This action pulls the lower legs straight behind the knees rather than down and around through a wide arc.
  • His toes are still pointed.
  • Once his knees are nearly all the way to his chest he rounds his lower back, curling his hips toward his chest.
  • His toes are still pointed.
  • To finish balling up, he then tucks his head down into his chest.
  • His toes are still pointed (musta been a gymnast).
  • His arms do little or nothing other than go where the rest of the body motion pulls them. He does not use them at all to assist in getting around.
  • And, yes, his toes are still pointed.

Essentially, he explosively draws himself into as tight a ball as possible - the tighter the ball, the faster his body spins (switches directions) and the further the ball rolls before slowing to a stop.

Then watch to see how similar the motion of his lightning quick open turn is to his underflip from the static float position.

...and be sure to pay close attention to where, and for how long, Dave's feet contact the bottom of the pool during his turns............ :-)

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